How Can I Correct a Rotated Incisor?

Hi. All my teeth are perfect except my left lateral incisor, which is slightly rotated. It very much bugs me. What can I do about this? My dentist said they wont give me any braces as it’s ‘minor’, but I really want something to help my tooth go back to its normal state of place. Thanks for any help, I would really appreciate it. If it helps, I’m nearly 15 and my teeth are all healthy. Could I get a retainer or something? Or what can I say to my dentist about this? Many thanks.  
Hi, thank you for your question. Your options are as follows: accept it and do nothing, recontour or reshape the tooth or other teeth, bonding, veneers, crowns, orthodontics, remove the tooth and replace it with a denture/bridge/implant,  or a combination of one or more of the above

My advice is to see an experienced cosmetic dentist and/or orthodontist for advice and options.  Regards, Mark. 

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