How Can A ‘Deep Bite’ Be Treated Correctly?

Hi Andrew. I’m hoping you can help me. You see, I have, what my private dentist calls a ‘deep’ or ‘traumatic’ bite which is causing me all sorts of problems such as bone shrinkage (front bottom, not extensive) leading to loosening of teeth , broken and chipped teeth and receding gums. They don’t , however, seem to have any answers!
I don’t want dentures if it can be helped and I guess implants would be a problem due to bone shrinkage (and cost). Any ideas what could help me. It’s a problem that’s really getting to me know and as I said causing a number of big problems. If my dentist can’t help me right now then I don’t know  who can! I haven’t been referred to anyone either. Any ideas for me? Big thanks! 
Hi and thanks for your question. There are many ways to treat this problem including implants but you need a consultation with a dentist experienced in bite issues as you may need very extensive work to the teeth to correct the problem. I hope this helps, regards. 
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August 16th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Ankita Says :

What does it exactly cost to put clip/brace on my teeth for both 6 months and more than 1 year duration? Plese kindly inform me in my mail

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