Hi there i am wanting my teeth sorting out

Q. Hi there, at the present moment im an nhs patient and im wanting my teeth sorting out i wont smile when people look or talk to me, when i chew i cant use my front teeth as they dont meet up with my lower ones, they go over the top, ive askd my dentist what i can do and she just said leave them alone as your gums are not 100% perfect but ive had terrible gums all my life and nobody has said anything about in the dentistry, she also said ive got too many fillings for anybody to even assess me, how can she judge a person by this, my old dentist said the reason why ive had 2 have these fillings which were my 1st ever at the age of 26 was because of my pregnancies the babies took all my calcium from me and put veneers on my upper left 2nd n 3rd and my upper right 2nd n 3rd teeth, im 39yrs old now and my husband goes mad at me when we have family get togethers as im always behind the camera, we didnt even have wedding pictures done beacuse i wont have my photos taken or anything, please can you give me some advice as to what i could do, i dont like locally to your surgery but if i have some advice then i may be able to do something as im getting to be a recluse because of this and cant even find a job… please can you email me back thanks

A. The first thing you have to do is get your gums treated. It sounds like you have gum disease and it is nothing to do with the calcium being removed from the bone during pregnancy. If you have always had gum problems then chances are you will have had the disease or at least gingivitis before you got pregnant. Hormones released during pregnancy cause the gums to further inflame and the bacteria associated with gum disease causes bone loss and mobility of teeth. It would be wrong for any dentist to carry out restorative treatment whilst your gum disease is left untreated. You will not gat adequate treatment from the NHS. you need to seek private dental treatment from a dentist that has a hygienist and address this issue. Only then will you be eligible for restorative work. Restorative work can be carried out but again this will have to be private. It is very unlikely you will be able to have this carried out on the NHS
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March 16th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
avril Says :

Please help me. I am 54 years old and have always had real bad teeth, and feel that now is the time I need to have these sorted! my 2 front teeth have never been used as they do not meet the bottom ones. My gums have receded very badly, and it seems that my back teeth are slowly “sinking” if you know what I mean? quite honestly I would be pleased to have all my teeth out and new straight rows inserted, could this be done?
please help me, I am on a private medical aid as well.

June 22nd, 2012 at 08:47 PM
heather Says :

I went to the dentist and the hygeniest told me I lhave bone loss and. periodontal butt I have no gum desease..so I got a second opinion and they told me I dont have periodontal desesse but bone loss im confused…

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