Hi Mark. I Used To Wear Braces But Now My Teeth Are Slipping Back. Would Using Invisalign To Correct This Be Wise?

Hi Mark. I had braces for over 3 years between the ages of 12-15, I struggled to wear my retainer as I should of and as a result, my lateral incisor has started to slip back and regress behind my front teeth. I am now 23 and 3 years ago I decided to get he a direct composite applied to it in order to ‘build up’ the tooth to be in line with my existing teeth. My question is how long does this composite usually last and should I think about getting it replaced? I think the tooth is still regressing and my overbite is more prominent as well, would thinking of getting braces like Invisalign be wise?
Hi. The composite can last many years but it usually starts to build up staining after a few years so lifespan can depend on how clean and perfect you want it to look. An average would be 5-10years but this of course varies from person to person depending on your situation.

You could consider aligning your teeth with orthodontic treatment and then removing the bonding all together?



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