Hi Marcus. My Teeth Are Crooked And My Jaw Is Misaligned. Will Braces Work For Me? Can I Pay By Deposit Or All At Once?

Hi Marcus. My top and bottom teeth are crooked and my jaw is misaligned. When I bring my top and bottom teeth together, there is a gap in the middle. I am always insecure when it comes to smiling and I have had crooked teeth ever since I was little. I would really hope I can get braces to straighten my teeth. Will braces fix my misaligned jaw and how much will I have to pay for braces? Also, what are the ways to pay for private treatment? Can I pay by deposit or do I have to pay all at once? Thanks.
Hello and thank you for your questions. I would need to see your dental condition in person to assess your condition with any real accuracy. Orthodontic treatment may work well for you. I suggest that you visit an experienced dentist and discuss your options. Most clinics now provide payment plans to spread the cost of treatment. If you require further information on orthodontic treatment you can find it through this website. I hope this helps. Dr Marcus Gambroudes. 
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