Hi, I have crooked and yellow front teeth, I want veneers but my dentist says i’m, too young, what do you think?

Hi Dr Glaister,

I have one crooked tooth right at the front of my teeth on the top set. It overlaps the next tooth slightly, and I feel that it is becoming discoloured. I have asked my dentist for veneers, but she says I am too young and my teeth are too healthy (I’m 23 years old). She suggested orthodontics instead, but I don’t want to go through two years of braces, for the discolouration to be more noticable when my teeth are straight. Is there any reason why my dentist would take my age into consideration?

The average life span of veneers is 8-10 years so at 23 years old you would need to have these teeth replaced a number of times over your life. You need to understand the risks and responsibilities of having veneers done before you cut away healthy tooth tissue. This may be why she feels you are too young.

I would recommend you have a full consultation with a cosmetic dentist so that you can go over all of your options.

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