Hi, I Had An Upper Denture Made By The NHS But It Doesn’t Fit Well. Should I Make A Complaint?

Hi Dr Hussein, I had a upper denture made with the NHS about 2 months ago and to be honest it has never fitted very well at all. I only need to open my mouth at it falls out! My dentist claims I can’t get enough suction and has advised me to use an adhesive, I think she has just made a bad impression and is just fobbing me off. Surely a new denture should be tight. I don’t really want to make an official complaint but am getting to the point here that I may have to. I’m distressed about this and really would like your advice.
Hi, thank you for your enquiry. If it was an immediate denture this may be the problem, a new denture could be fitted better. A denture needs gum to seat on satisfactorily. Although it’s difficult to say without seeing you, it is often the case with NHS dentures as the materials they use are of inferior quality to cosmetic dentists. I would advise you to seek out the various clinics in your area and find which ones offer better quality dentures.
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