Help! My Dog Chewed My Dentures And I’m Not Insured. Is There Any Way To Insure Them In The Future?

Hi Dr Patel. How can I insure my dentures against accidental damage – my dog chewed them – my home contents insurance covers most things in the home for accidental damage for say dropping a television but it excludes anything that is chewed by domestic pets such as dogs and cats. I don’t know what else to do under these circumstances? Is there any insurance I can take out to cover this type of damage to my dentures? Can you help please and advise what to do under these circumstances? It would be great to hear back from you on this matter. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. There are specialist dental insurances available. If you do some searching on the web or through a directory, you should come across a couple of businesses who specialise in this. Then it should just be a matter of contacting them to see if they can insure your dentures. I hope this information is helpful to you. Kind regards, Dr Riten Patel BDS.
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