Help me to design the perfect smile, are veneer materials ‘the’ final word?

I am seraching for a good cosmetic clinic in London or abroad. I found what it seemed a very nice clinic (well, their website looks great, the prices are quite high 825 per veneer and they seem to help to design a perfect smile taking in consideration facial features and many aesthetic factors)

However after some extra research I ve found that their veneers are just normal porcelain veneers not lumieers.

Therefore I think there are quite expensive considering I can get in other clinic lumieers for a much cheaper price than their veeners.

I thought the more I spend the better the result.Since I m spending a lot of money and but myself in debt with my bank I want to make sure to get the best result

I would very appreciate if you you could suggest me a clinic where they can help me to design the perfect smile im looking for .

I probably need about 22 veneers and i wouldn t like to spend more than 800 per veneeer.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion you could give me. 

I wouldn’t be too bothered about the type of veneer, Lumineers don’t always work for every case and there are materials that can give far better results. If you’re happy with the clinic stick with them and talk through the types of porcelain they use although the skill of the dentist and technician is far more important then using a brand such as Lumineer
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