Hello Mark. I’m 31 And I Have An Overbite Which Hurts When I Close My Mouth. What Treatment Would You Suggest To Correct My Bad Bite?

Hello Mark. I’m 31 and I’ve got both upper and lower arches with teeth inclined inward, not much but enough to have an overbite which causes the jaw going too behind when completely closed and it gets stuck every time I open my mouth. Yes it hurts. And I’ve also come to realise this malocclusion is the cause of my scoliosis. No dentist has ever noticed anything wrong with my teeth, I wouldn’t necessarily call them good dentists. What treatment do you suggest to push them outward? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
Hello and thank you for writing in. Some orthodontic treatment with maybe Damon braces or Incognito braces could work as a rough estimate. I’d have to see you in person to fully assess what treatment would work best. I’d advise that you see a specialist orthodontist for a consultation, not a general dentist as this problem can be complex to fix correctly.  Regards, Mark.
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