Hello Mark. I Don’t Know Whether To Have Root Canal Treatment Or Not. Can You Advise Me?

Hello. I have a badly decayed molar in my mouth. It is on the right side of my mouth on top; second to the last. I went to my dentist last year in October. He filled the tooth as much as he can. However, as instructed only a temporary fix until my insurance “kicked” in. He said it was badly infected at the time. It also had a huge hole from a bad filling and a cavity. He told me to get a root canal and to put a cap on it, If I choose to pull it, not advised, then all my teeth would eventually shift. I don’t have a clue what to do, either pull it or have a root canal? I have read the pros and cons for root canals. Please advise. Financially I can’t afford a root canal.
Hi. Regarding cost and affording the root canal, you need to think of several things and ask yourself (and your dentist) several questions:

What are the consequences of removing this tooth – short and long term? What are the costs of the procedures to avoid such consequences. Should I replace the tooth?
What are my options to replace the tooth? What would it cost to replace the tooth?
Does it make more sense to have the root canal and any cap/crown rather than risk the consequences and costs if I have my tooth removed?

For example if it is deemed best for you to keep the tooth or replace it, the cost of a replacement (with a dental implant or bridge) may be double the cost of the root canal and crown.

If you can save it and the long term prognosis is good for the root canal success then I would try to. My advice would be to get a specialist in root canals to carry out the root canal with a long term success rate. Hope that helps for now?

Kind regards, Mark.

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