Hello. I Have A Small Jaw And I Need A Tooth Removing As It Is Impacting On Others. How Much Does This Cost?

Hello Dr Moore, I have a tooth at the front of my mouth which has grown over my other teeth. There was not a big enough space for it to grow into as my jaw is too small and I apparently have too many teeth. This means that they have no space to grow straight. I really dislike the way it looks as it is very noticeable. I am currently asking around and was wondering if you could give me a quote of what kind of prices it would be to have the tooth removed. Can there be any complications involved with this type of procedure? This would be of great help to me thank you.
Hi, hello and thank you for getting in touch. Removal of teeth at my clinic costs in the region of £100. If I am local to you it would be great to fix this problem for you. Infection can be a risk with some patients depending on medical factors. If not, search the various dental sites in your area, some can be found through this website. I hope this answers your question satisfactorily. 
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