Hello Dr Marcus, I’d Like A Durable Way Of Mending My Chipped Tooth.

Hello Doctor Marcus,
I have a front tooth (second left) which is chipped (approx 30% of tooth), I have had a composite filling done in the past but it keeps falling out. I would prefer a more reliable and durable fix, but I do not want to have a crown just yet. Is a porcelain filling a possible option. I’d also like to know the cost as well please? Also I’m thinking about teeth whitening. Thank you, really look forward to hearing your advice.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It should be possible to place a reliable and durable composite (white) filling on this tooth without it falling off, and this would always be my first choice where possible as it is conservative and relatively inexpensive.
However, depending on the nature of the chip and its position a porcelain veneer may be a suitable alternative, but would require some tooth preparation (removal). I would strongly suggest discussing this with your dentist. The cost of a quality veneer can range from £500 up to £1000 per tooth and it is always worth paying for the best when it is a front tooth being treated.
I really hope this help. Regards Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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