Hello Dr Hughes, Is It Possible To Have A Wire Fitting To Keep My Denture In Place As An Alternative To A Dental Plate?

Hello Dr Hughes, I’d like your helpful advice. I have three teeth missing left side upper and two right side upper. I wear a denture which covers both sides. Looks perfect which is very important to me.

Is it possible however to have a wire fitting on both sides of the missing teeth, attaching the false teeth next to the good teeth thereby eliminating the need for a dental plate?

I would much prefer this as I am sure it would make eating so much easier to accomplish.

Thank you.

Hello and thank you for writing in. An alternative denture may be a possible solution, however I’m afraid it’s impossible to answer accurately without seeing your dental situation in person I’m afraid. Can you send in a photo maybe? [email protected] implant retained dentures would be another option to consider. You can find further information in the meantime through this helpful website. I hope this helps to clarify things for you. Regards, Mark.
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