Has the root canal treatment failed?

I had a 2nd root canal treatment on my upper-right molar, 6 months ago. I have been experiencing mild pain and discomfort ever since and it’s getting worse. Everytime I bite on the tooth, floss and brush my teeth I feel mild pain. The gum surrounding the tooth feels tender. My inside my right nostril also feels watery when I bite on the tooth. I went to my Dentist 3 months ago and had an x-ray but it didn’t show any signs of infection.
I would like to know if my symptoms are a sign that the RCT has failed? Also is the wetness in my nose connected to my tooth? Thank you
The roots of the upper molars are often associated with the maxillary sinus. root infections from a tooth can cause sinus problems but sinus problems can mimic tooth problems. The discharge suggests a part of the problem might be sinus related. Certain Xrays / CT scans / CBCT can better image the area to help the diagnosis . A second opinion maybe a referral to an Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon (ENT) would be a next step.
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February 9th, 2012 at 08:47 PM
thomasandy Says :

Root canal is a very common dental condition. When a person is affected by root canal the nerves around the teeth are attacked by germs and in the long run they become weak and give rise to multiple problems. The main reason for this dental problem affecting a certain individual is poor oral care. The person suffers from inflamed gums as well as undesirable pulp gets filled within the tooth. Treating this problem in the beginning stages is an easy and uncomplicated procedure that an experienced dentist can certainly fix. If not treated on time this condition can spread to the neighboring teeth and cause severe dental problems. nice post.

February 24th, 2012 at 08:47 PM
andy Says :

I understand it: Root canal is the procedure where the dead nerve of a dead tooth is scraped out and then the canal filled with Solid Hard Stuff to keep the dead tissue from infecting the body. thanks for the great blog. nice post. keep posting.

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