gum disease due to smoking cause loose teeth

Q. Hi. I have gum disease after many years of smoking. One or two of my teeth are slightly loose. I have recently given up smoking. Will my gum problem improve and would I still be able to have veneers? 

A. The first treatment that you need to have to improve the health and appearance of your teeth is to have your gum disease treated. The appearance of your gums will approve within a few weeks. If you have gum disease and mobile teeth you have bone loss around your teeth. This means that you have lost support. Unfortunately the bone doesn’t grow back but treatment of the disease will prevent you from losing anymore. After the treatment the mobile teeth will firm up slightly. This has to be carried out before you have veneers on your teeth.

Periodontal disease is a slow progressing, painless disease and develops over time. Treatment involves seeing a hygienist for a number of appointments. At my practice we book between four to six hour long periodontal therapy sessions for a patient with gum disease. Once the gums have been treated they will begin to change to a healthy pink colour and will shrink back slightly as the inflammation decreases. This process takes approximately 3 months after which your teeth will be ready to be restored. Initially your teeth may feel sensitive but this will quickly resolve.

If you have veneers placed after your gum treatment the end result will be a beautiful smile that you will be happy to show off.
If you live within travelling distance of my practice I would be happy to see you for a consultation, the practice phone number is 01296 624163 . If not then the best advice is to find a restorative dentist that is used to carrying out cosmetic procedures as well. Enquire if they have a hygienist. If a dentist agrees to carry out veneers on your teeth without treating your gum disease first, they are not offering you the correct treatment and your restorations and treatment will ultimately fail.

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