Good Morning, I Am Sixty-Two And In Good Health. I Want To Know If Cosmetic Surgery Has Advanced Enough For Bone And Implant Surgery To Be Safe At My Age?

Good Morning,

I am a 62 year old male in very good health and when I was 12 years old was involved in an accident where I lost my four upper front teeth. Over the years my upper teeth have suffered and I am losing them gradually. My question therefore is this: Has cosmetic dentistry advanced enough that I could have bone implant and implant surgery at my age and would there be any health risk in doing so?

Many thanks.

Dear Sir. The simple answer to your question is yes, absolutely. Implant treatment has become very advanced, especially with bone augmentation and grafting procedures and 3-D CT X-rays. At 62 and in good health you should be a very good candidate for treatment.

My advice would be to seek treatment from someone very experienced in dental implants, maybe even a prosthodontics specialist and/or a dental surgeon who is very skilled and experienced in bone grafting techniques. Our own practice has 4 such experts here in London’s Harley Street Be very wary of cheap or heavily discounted implants and surgery done overseas. My advice would be to seek the best treatment you can afford to reduce risks and to ensure an excellent result that is sturdy, looks fantastic and that lasts.

Best wishes, Dr Mark Hughes.

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