Good Day, Is It Possible To Fix My Overbite With Braces?

Good Day,

I’m 23 years old and have always been in need of braces/dental correction as I have an overbite on my front teeth which is quite deep. I’d hate the idea of wearing metallic braces or any sort of braces really that are visible as I would feel very conscious of them, at the same time I do need correction. I was wondering if sub-lingual braces could be a solution to my case and if so, how long would the treatment last and how much would it come to? As I travel a lot and tend to move country every 6 months to a year due to my job, I’d like to try the quickest or easiest solution, without having to sacrifice my job or having a beautiful smile. Do You think Invisalign could be a solution for my overbite as well? Many thanks.

Hi, I would need to see you to give you the best options but regardless of what treatment I would provide, I would need to check on you quite regularly to best determine a course of action to take.
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