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Q. Dear Dr. Solanki, I`m 25 and dr. Bohara is doing my teeth in Loughborough. The problem is that the gum on upper left 1 is raised due to a too big a crown put previosly by someone else. My teeth are quite small, I have lots of gum showing. For him to do the best of my teeth he suggested gum surgery. My question is can laser gum reshaping do it, as there`s no way on earth I`m having oldfashioned gum surgery. Thank you

A. Hi many thanks for your enquiry. if the amount of gum that needs to be contoured is minimal then a soft tissue laser is the best way forward to raise the gum line and avoid surgery. however if the amount of gum needed to be removed is more than 1mm then usually a soft tissue laser is not adequate and bone removal is also necessary to make sure you dont have any problems after the final crowns or veneers are made. hope this helpful. but rest assured Dr bohara is a personal friend of mine and what ever he decides will undoubtably be the best treatment to give you the best smile.

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August 9th, 2008 at 08:47 PM
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Dear Dr. Solanki,

Thank you for your answer. I don`t doubt Dr. Boharas skills at all, was just really scared at the thought of gum surgery. I will need 2mm taken off, so my hopes for laser are now gone. Just the thought of having my gums cut by scalpel scares me more than anything. What`s bone removal? I know I`m in good hands, but the pain…not sure I`ll be able to take it. Thank You for your advice,

All the best

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