Does Jaw Surgery Cause Permanent Numbness?

Hey Marcus. I’m interested in jaw surgery as I’ve noticed that I have a slight overbite and a very small chin, so my chin and nose do not look in symmetry. I’m interested in jaw surgery but the fact that one of the risk is numbness or permanent numbness is scaring me! I’m 17 so can you please throw some light about the risk of permanent numbness, and if it’s common or rare? I have very low self esteem as I am starting to notice it more, even though when I tell my friends they say they can’t notice it. It just puts me down, my facial profile is not balanced and although I am grateful that I’m not in physical harm, I would like to know what you could do to sort this problem out! Thank you.
Hi, thank you for contacting me. If you’ve been advised to get jaw surgery, then you should consider to go ahead with it. There are always risks, but the numbness is most likely to be temporary if happens. Good luck, Dr Marcus Gambroudes. 
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