Do you think a dental implant will fix the gap in my teeth?

My age is 30. In the lower jaw I have natural gap between two teeth. Previously this gap was very small and negligible. now since last 2-3 yrs it is increased. this gap is little less than one tooth size in width.
This is really very irritating, in looks and while eating. I dont have any other teeth problems other than that my all teeths are very yellow and seems like I smoke, actually i don’t. Should i go for implant? If yes do i need to go for 3-4 teeth implants or add single tooth? Does implant last for life and what care is required in the long run? please suggest any other solution otherwise.? Thanking you.
if the gap is less than a tooth width , it is unlikely there is enough space for an implant idf it is an anterior tooth.
you my want to consider a cosmetic brace like 6 month smile or invisalign which are comparable in price and have no major detrimental effects.
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