Do you have to have an injection if you want to be sedated?

hi i am very scared about needles and dentists and im worried about sedation i have never had it before ive been reffered by my dentist beause i have got to have my wisdom teeth out and just wanted to know if sedation means that im put to sleep or im still awake. And is there any other way of sedation then having a needle because i really dont like them and how long does sedation last and will it make me feel ill. if you could answer my question i would be very greatful.
many thanks 
Sedation is a very safe protocol for nervous patients wanting to have dental treatment. It can be given orally (tablets) or via an injection in the arm, whereby the patient achieves a deeper state of relaxation.
After sedation, you will not remember the procedure you just had and you will need to avoid driving/ operating any machinery for 24 hours.
Please ask your dentist if you are suitable for sedation.
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