Do teeth shrink with age?

Q. I heard that teeth, as well as gums, shrink as a person ages. Is that true?,
A. Teeth can wear down with age.
Dr Rob Tennet St Johns Dental Practice 18 Bennett’s Hill, Birmingham, B2 5QJ Web:
April 13th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
mark Says :

gums can shrink in your teens, im 28 and my gums have started to srink, but i blaim this on my poor nhs dentist B J Julius‎
Dental Surgery/103 Gattison La, Doncaster DN110NS,(not all nhs) cleans would only take them 5 min, my dentist could not speake english very unclean. just moved to a private one called red sky its fantastic massive inprovment, the nhs dentist did not want to do anything with my gum problems, but im all booked in to have gum grafts at campbell and peace abit costly at £950 jut to have 3 teeth done, but im hoping its so going to be worth the money, gum recession has ruled my life for far to long and it can turn into a deprestion, i did not think i would get this problem at 28, but like i said my old dentist was very poor, it dos pay sometimes to get a second opion, i would never go bk to a nhs dentist cos i do belive sum do cut corners

June 1st, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Efren Says :

X-rays taken by my dentist have revealed recession of the bone supporting three of my lower incisors. I had a bout of gingivitis and was only given anappointment a week after the inception of the pain, which I assume intensified into periodontitis. Though I am now 65, I have always prided myself onmy teeth and their care. The thought of dentures is anathema to me! I hopeyou would be able to stabilize the front teeth and remove the toxins, which I believe are having a detrimental effect on my general health. The gumsaround the incisors have receded to the point of giving me a long-toothed look. Would you be kind enough to give me an approximation of the treatmentand its costs?

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