Do My Loose Teeth Really Need To Be Extracted?

Hello, I was wondering whether you could help me – my mam has been told by her dentist that she has to have three of her front lower teeth removed as they are loose. My question is whether it is always the case that loose teeth have to be removed? I mean, these are her front teeth so this is quite significant news. I used to visit the same dentist and he told me that my two back lower teeth would have to be removed as they were too badly damaged to save following the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, however, when I visited another dentist for a second opinion I was told they could be saved with root canal treatment so you can understand my worry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hi,  loose teeth can sometimes be splinted to make them last a little longer . This is not usually an NHS treatment but can be done to avoid extractions for a while.

the real question is why are they loose? There is likely active gum disease and this needs to be addressed to avoid further extractions.

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