Do All Dentists Offer Lingual Braces And Is There Any I Can Get Through The NHS?

Hi ya there, I’m 25 and I was wondering that because I’m on employment allowance support and I need a brace really bad, whether could I get it for free? I really don’t want a standard brace but if I can’t get another type of brace I would. I don’t know whether my dentist would do all kinds of different braces like Invisalign and also would the NHS help me with this? If you could be so kind and reply back to me you would really help me. Many thanks, I hope you can help me with advice.
Hi thanks for getting in touch, elective treatment to improve your appearance is not available through the NHS as it’s considered cosmetic. You would have to pay for this treatment. Payment plans and financing options are available in most practices these days. Use the various directories to find clinics and practices which can provide this type of treatment. You could also as your dentist to try and refer you to a local dental hospital. Regards


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