Dentist has recommended clear fixed braces for my irregular bite, but could I instead have something like veneers or crowns?

Q. i am writing hoping you can give me some advise. i have visited an orthodontic dentist and they have the recommended the following treatment for me. This is what i was told i have an irregularity of the top teeth and irregularity of the bottom teeth. when the teeth bite together the top front teeth are prominent than average this called an increased overjet. My overjet is 5mm. The vertical overlap of the front teeth is increased. The top front teeth are centred and the bottom front teeth are across to the right. The side teeth do not mesh together perfectly. My examination of the jaw shap shows the bottom jaw is smaller than average such that in profile the chin is slightly receding. X rays confirmed that i have a number of missing teeth. The x ray also shows that the upper right second preomalr is impacted and unerupted. I can have fixed clear braces for the best results but would like to know if there is alternative treatment like veneers crowns etc,
A. There are always alternatives but for minimal damage to your teeth orthodontics are necessary before providing a cosmetic veneer solution
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