Could You Tell Me Which Crowns Are Stronger: Gold Or Porcelain?

Hello Andrew, I’d like your advice. I was wondering if you could please tell me if gold crowns are stronger than porcelain ones and is it possible to request them with an NHS dentist? I have been told by a private dentist that gold would be best but they are very expensive. I have large fillings in my back molar teeth already and they do need crowning and I don’t mind them being gold if that is the strongest material to use as I don’t think they will affect my smile. Do you think they would have an effect on how my smile would look? Thank you in advance for your reply.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. White gold crowns are available on the NHS in most cases so ask a local NHS dentist to see what they can offer you and if they have any dentist locally who offer this. If you’d like any more information on crowns and how they work, there is a page on this website which can provide you with this help. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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