Could You Tell Me If My Quote For Damon Braces Is Accurate?

Hi Dr Hughes,

I have been quoted a total treatment cost of £6,500 to get Damon braces for my lower teeth and lingual braces for my upper teeth to address moderate to severe crowding on the upper and lower arch, with reduced posterior diameter on the upper arch and an over developed lower jaw.

As it’s difficult to get comparison prices I was wondering if this seems reasonable for London. The orthodontist thinks that I will need 10 -14 months.

Thanks, it would be great if you could help me with this.

Hello, thank you for your enquiry. Yes this is a very reasonable price for this treatment based on the statement you’ve provided, but a face-to-face consultation is the only accurate way of determining this. You could also try a second opinion. If you’d like further information on braces and what happens during treatment, you can find it through this website in the meantime. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Mark.
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