Could you recommend a dentist who can treat my TMJ and Bruxism?

Hi, I’m looking for a dental practitioner/consultant who can treat my bruxism/tmj by botox injection. After 32 years of problems with firstly, misaligned teeth from a bad dentist, causing me to grind my teeth which caused problems which my then dentist tried over time to regain my bite with a little success but did solve the problem. Over the past 10 years the problem has achieved epic proportons despite ‘appliances’ supplied by Manchester dental hospital, no treatment by North Staffs hospital, told joints are not ‘bad enought’ to operate on, did not ask them to operate on them but that is the only treatment they provide for TMJ. Have now graduated to TMJ and Bruixism, and teeth are suffering despite a bio feedback device and mouth guards/splints. I need to stabilise my condition in order to both receive pain relief and in order that my teeth may be repaired before I have a chance to break them. The only way I can see forward is to paralyse the muscles to some extent so that repair work may be carried out to stabilise my teeth, which whilst unattractive do at least allow me to eat. So any idea who in this country or in Europe is both qualified to carry out this treatment and is prepared to do it?
We can help you with that. I’d recommend my colleague at the practice Dr Adam Thorne, who both understands bite and TMJ problems very well , he also is our main Botox practitioner as well

Please call the practice and ask for a “Comprehensive Consultation” with Dr Thorne

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December 9th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Pat Gascoigne Says :

I have had two courses of Botox for my TMJ and I am very happy with the results. These were in London and I would like to find someone nearer home next time. Do you know anyone in the Reading/Basingstoke/Newbury areas?

Many thanks

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