Could the six month smile work for me?

I have heard about something called the six month smile and was wondering if it could be something that would work for me. I have a gap between my front two teeth and slightly uneven teeth either side. It’s never been a massive issue but due to personal circumstances I would like to be looking my best. I also want my teeth whitened. Does the treatment mean that you can only have treatment that would take 6 months and also how can it work in such a short time when braces can take a few years?Thank you any any help would be great.
we have had experience with this system for a couple of years now and it works well.
it gives the 6 months as a rough guide but is considerably quicker than other braces as it only deals with cosmetic issues on front teeth and not bite issues or molar teeth.
costs are reasonable 2200 single arch and 3800 both arches and whitening is 325 approx
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