Could my tooth be re-built in order to receive a dental crown?

Hello there, a molar crown that I had fitted some years ago has come out and the top part of the tooth underneath has broken away, leaving the rest of the tooth flat at the gum level. My dentist does not think it possible to build up the tooth in order to fit a new crown, and my options appear to be to have the tooth removed, do nothing, or have an implant (which I cannot afford). There is no tooth behind this broken tooth. Are there any other options? Is there any way of building up the tooth so that a new crown could be fitted?
This is very difficult for me to answer as I have not seen you for a clinical examination or seen any radiographs. There may be a possibility of using a laser to expose more tooth therefore possibly allowing a crown to be made. The root also can be left but there are some risks involved and would mean leaving a gap. I hope this helps.
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