Could I Receive Dental Treatment From A Dental Student For Reduced Rates? I Need Dental Work Taken Care Of.

Hello Dr Gambroudes, I just want to ask a quick question. I’m 19 and I need work done on my teeth. I’ve had a bridge fitted and a few teeth built up to look more natural. I was told they would only last a few years and I would now like something more permanent. I’ve heard from friends that I can get teeth done by a student dentist. I was wondering if you can recommend anything. I’m very self-conscious about the way my teeth look and would like something to be done. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. You should ask your dentist to refer you to a local dental hospital. I believe that waiting lists are lengthy but as a private cosmetic dentist I am not fully aware of the latest NHS regulations. The other options, if you don’t want to wait, would be to discuss a payment plan with your dentist to spread the costs over a period of time to make it more manageable. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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