Could I Pay For Veneers With a Monthly Credit Scheme?

Hi, I am 50 years old and have nice looking teeth but due to my gums
receding I am starting to lose my teeth. I have 2 teeth near the front of my mouth that need to be removed. They are painful and really loose. I would like to have veneers. I no longer work because of health reasons and my monthly benefit is barely enough to live on. If I have veneers how much would they be and would I be able to pay for them with a monthly credit scheme? Also, do you know of any cheaper option? I know I am limited because I will have no more teeth on that side of my mouth when the 2 teeth next to each other come out.
Thank you for your question. If your teeth are moving and falling out due to gum disease, veneers are unlikely to be a good long term solution. A cheaper option would be composite bonding, but again that may not be suitable to help you achieve the results you are after. If extractions are required then bridgework or dentures or maybe dental implants could be the right choice.

My advice is attend a thorough examination and treatment planning consultation with a very experienced cosmetic or restorative dentist. You may also need to see a gum specialist, a dentist called a periodontist. Kind regards, Mark. 

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