Could I Have Crowns Placed by an NHS Dentist?

Hello Dr Gambroudes, my question is this: I had braces when I was younger, but my teeth have changed shape considerably in the years since I had orthodontic treatment. My bottom front four teeth and top four front teeth are really bent, and I have two holes on the top four. It really makes me lack confidence, and my top teeth are beginning to chip away which makes me feel even more self-conscious. I would love to have some crowns put in, can I get this done by my local NHS dentist? And how much would it cost roughly for eight crowns? Please help, any answers would be such a big help to me as I’m dying to get this fixed.
Hello. Thank you for your questions. I am not familiar with NHS offerings, but I would advise you to ask your local health authority for advice and go for a consultation with an NHS dentist to go over your options. Note that elective cosmetic dentistry is not available on the NHS.  Regards,  Marcus.
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