Could I Have a Small Filling Fitted That Holds a Veneer Without Damaging It?

Hello. Is it possible to have a small filling at the back of a tooth that a holds a veneer without damaging the veneer? If not, what is the best treatment pathway for the tooth in question? I would also like to know how successful the treatment would be and how high a percentage of success there is regarding this filling being completed without damaging the veneer. If the veneer were to be damaged, could I have another veneer fitted once the filling is completed? Many thanks.
Yes, that could be possible as long as the filling does not interfere with the veneer too much. If the cavity is very extensive then the veneer might need to be replaced but it’s possible to ‘bond’ a resin filling to part of the veneer edge if this is required. Thank you for your question. Kind regards,  Mark.
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