Could i get Dental Implants on NHS?

Q. could i get Dental Implants on nhs? as my teeth are bad and getting me depressed. i dont smile and i cover my mouth when speaking to people,
A. The NHS only provide implants in rare circumstances. If you see your local dentist, He/She will explain this in more detail. You should most likely be expected to pay for this treatment on a private basis- and prices can vary alot depending on where you have the implants placed. I would be happy to see you at one of my kissdental clinics in the Manchester area for a free consultation to discuss your options with you. Good luck
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November 23rd, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Brenda Wolfe Says :

Due to stomach disorders I lost over 5 stone 2 years ago andalthough I eat and have stabilised my weight at 6 stone 8 pounds i have so much trouble with ‘floating dentures’ that i am basically on a semi solid diet. It is catch 22 and I need to eat better to boost my weight but my Dentist (NHS) cannot make new dentues because one side is not holding them in.

She has explained that bone loss in the lower Jaw is the problem and she will refer me to a hospital in Sheffield 2 hours from where I live and implants may be the only option.

I know that the NHS don’t usually do implants but does my situation and the medical issue make a difference? I do not know what I would do with no teeth. My life would not be worth living.

If they would not do it for medical reasons, do you know how much a full set of implants is please as I see me selling my house rather than being in a situation where i have no teeth at all.

What i do not want to do is believe they will help me and after an extended period of time waiting for the appointment find they will not.
Thank you. Brenda.

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