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After A Great Deal Of Restoration On My Teeth, I’ve Decided I Now Want Implants. What Is The Average Price For This Type Of Treatment?

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Hello Dr Moore, I have something that’s been on my mind and I hope you can help me with it. I have had a great deal of restoration on my teeth and would like to start having implants rather than continuously having further treatment to restore old fillings etc. I am 57 years old, look after, what is left of my teeth, fanatically. I have been forced out of work, ex military, age etc, and would prefer to keep the cost as low as possible. Could you advise me whether I can have implants and what would be an average price for this treatment? Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. 

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I Need To Know If I Can Have A Tooth Replacement Via A Crown Instead Of Having To Wear Dentures?

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Hello Dr Patel, I need to tell you that I currently have a missing front tooth, and I am wondering if you know whether I can have a false one fitted via a crown, instead of having to wear dentures? I have stopped smoking as to help my dental hygiene and have lost most of my lower back teeth as well. My other related problems are that I get chronic indigestion and sore gums, and I have stained teeth due to a medicine I was given as a baby and had crowns fitted fifteen years ago to make me have white teeth. I keep on top of my oral health and brush my teeth twice a day and I also use cordisol mouthwash. I really hope you can guide me in these matters, kind regards and thank you.

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My Tooth Fell Out Unexpectedly, What Do I Do?

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

I have teeth that are partially falling out in the back, but I just had a tooth that didn’t know of fall out towards the front, up top today. I have also been noticing tiny dark spots in the creases of my bottom front teeth and its appearing to me that they may be rottening as well. Please tell me what I can do? I noticed this morning that the tooth that it could have been one of the causes of bad breath. Please help me to understand what is going on with my mouth, and if possible, what steps I need to take in order to make things better for my breath, teeth, and dental hygiene. I’m thinking about implants.

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I lost my teeth due to gum disease and can’t afford treatment. What can I do?

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Hello, I wonder if you could offer any advice for me or other people in my situation? I lost my teeth due to a severe gum disease, which was due to both circumstances beyond my control, as well as lack of seeing a dentist. I now have only five teeth left, no uppers and I do wear a upper dentures an a parial which is impossible to deal with under any circumstances. My situation is unusual as I don’t have the funds to afford the appropriate dental that I really need. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

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My Dentist Says My Tooth Can Be Replaced With A Porcelain One, How Long Will This Take?

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

hello ,i jus found out my front tooth on the right can not be saved and my dentist said a porcelain tooth is my best option , i just really want to know desperatly how long from my old tooth being taking out to a new percalain tooth being put it , how long wiould i have to wait inbetween? im asking because it will be clearly visable when my old tooth will get taken out and im very paranoid it will take months for this new tooth to be put in which would be my worst nighmare as its my front tooth and clearly visable , i would much appruciate it if u could email me back asap or if i would be able to contact you so i can find out more about this process , thankyou

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Pain whilst wearing dentures due to removal of two front teeth taken out

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Dr Moore please can you help me? I’ve had my two top teeth taken out and have had dentures put in. on my dentures i have seven teeth and when i wear my dentures and am unable to swallow and its making me feel sick because i have bells palsy when it makes me feel sick i do get pain in my face because of the bells palsy. Please can you inform me what’s the best option available to me and should do because when i get pain in my face its unbearable. Could you inform me of how much would it be to have tooth implants for the teeth I currently have missing. I’m only 23 years of age and my job will be finishing in 26 days of the current 6 months scheme I am involved in. Do you believe the NHS would be able to help me pay for the implants or reduce the cost for me ?

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