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For my painful third molar should I get the tooth removed or get a crown?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Dear Respected Dr Safeer Butt,

I am in immense pain and was very lucky to come across your highly informative, very caring and educating article/ web page.

I am by no means a person who knows teeth or their issues. I am almost 45 years old , diabetic for 10+ years. and have taken just modest care of my teeth. But I was blessed with a simple dietary style and a good mother who breast fed me ( I have heard and believe that breast feeding does provide good teeth and good development of bones and muscles in mouth)

I go to doctors and dentists regularly, I get regular cleaning / scaling and dental exams, since I am a disabled person , I get basic dental coverage .
In June and July 2012 , I had lot of dental issues , dentist did procedure , fillings, but now ever since June I have unbearable sensitivity .

Now I am out , of my country, I am with no dental coverage, all of a sudden I am in unbearable pain, and I can clearly see that my third molar from upper right is aching, feeling broken, tender, in burning pain, and loose
What should I do, If I approach a dentist , here , while I am out of US , should I get the tooth out , should I get a crown, is there any thing that a very very proficient and concerned dental surgeon like you would advice. should I pass the time by using pain killers till I get back,

I would very anxiously wait for your help and feed back

Thanking You 

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I didn’t take care of my oral health following root canal treatment, I’m scared of losing my teeth. Please help!

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Hi Doctor Moore, I am 28 years old. i have more 4 root canals in my mouth and covered by crowns. i was not very careful about my oral health but now i have been doing flossing,cleaning properly since last year. my front teeth have not undergone any treatment yet. but a gap is generating day by day between these teeth and it looks unaesthetic. is due to flossing? i am not too old to loose my teeth. there is a gum shrinkage in these teeth. in spite of all my measures of brushing, flossing etc , there is no positivism. What should i do? i want to save my front teeth at least to preserve my smile. please help.

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My dentist told me I have a calcified canal where my crown was, I don’t want my tooth extracted, please help!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

hello !

I had t put a ceramic crown on a molar , last year.
and about 2 months ago, It starts to hurt , and i felt t much pain , then the dentist ask me to wait intil it falls.
so, i waited and when it falls, i went to the dentist and there was a cavity, and the radio show that there is calcified canal, so he tld me that i have to extract it.
is there any solution please. help me.
the molar is infected (according to the dentist) and he told me that whith the calcification he cant reach to the infected place.
is there any other solution.

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Is it possible to get root canal treatment on the NHS?

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Hello. Please advise the cost for root canal treatment for a lower third molar teeth and how long will it take as a treatment process? I was advised to have root canal treatment done as there is a slight infection/abcess on the gums. Please also advise if you take NHS patients in this instance.
Also, my wife had 2 fillings done and her teeth have become more sensitive. She had tried sensitive toothpastes Sensodyne,Pro-enamel but this doesen’t seem to help. Any recommendations from you would be welcome as a dental professional.  Many Thanks

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Will my root treated tooth discolour and how can I prevent this?

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Hi Andrew,

I had a white filing in a tooth many years ago, i am not sure what the official tooth is called but it is my first big tooth in my upper right arch. My dentist has told me that it has leaked and now i need root treatment (I am sure they talked about removing the root). I am okey with this, well as ok as anyone is about dental treatment. My issue is from a cosmetic perspective. Is there a cosmetic procedure that will keep my tooth white and looking the same as i have heard that a tooth can discolor after root treatment. is there anything else that i should be thinking about or asking about to keep my tooth as healthy and looking as well as can be?


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My veneers appear grey in colour when I have a photo taken, why is this?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I have veneers on my four front top teeth. I originally had them just on the top two teeth (one is dead route canal filled, knocked out when i was younger on a trampoline with no padding) the other front tooth was chipped when i was younger. When i was 29 i got them redone and my top front teeth made smaller (as they were large) and i had my other two done, to make it better.
They look great to look at, but when i have a photo taken and smile with my teeth showing they seem to come out a grey/black colour – is there anything that can be done to my teeth now? Also is it possible to now wear a brace to straighten my teeth now? i was told because i’d had route canal on my top tooth i wouldnt be able to (40 next year)
Thank you

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I am in so much pain waiting to have my permanent filling, what should I do?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

I have had root canal treatment , a few hours after, i was in so much pain , it settled and went away 2 days after , i then got a temporary filling and three weeks down the line i am in complete agony , i have got an appointment to get my proper filling fitted in just over a weeks time, but the pain is unbearable . i am very frightened that when i go for my proper filling it will be agony again, please can you give me some advice, as i cant continue to take co codamol and neurofen as it makes me feel tired and doesn’t help with the pain very much.

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I need root canal treatment but am concerned about cost seen as my NHS dentist doesn’t provide this procedure?

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Hi there, I need to have root canal treatment to one of my back teeth but have been told to have it done under the NHS wont be so good plus I don’t think my NHS dentist provides the procedure at his practice. The problem being is that the surrounding teeth are deteriorating and so it is particularly important to preserve the problem tooth. This means that to have the tooth out is not an option and cost wise I am concerned. What do you advise?

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My front tooth has turned grey following root canal treatment, what would you recommend for this problem?

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Hello, I hope you are well, so here is my problem: I have a greying front tooth following root canal treatment, a few months ago. I have received conflicting information from several dentists when I have asked what to have done about it. Some of them have recommended that I have a veneer, others say I should try internal bleaching, or crown treatment. As it is my front tooth I want to be sure I select the best treatment, I understand that this is a cosmetic treatment so just wondered what you would personally recommend for this problem?

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I have been suffering from tooth pain for around 4 years now after having root canal surgery, what’s causing this problem?

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Hello,  i have suffered from tooth pain in my left side canine tooth for about 4 years, which was treated with antibiotics but the pain never went. 2-3 years ago I had a root canal performed on it, since I still experience pain and i have told my dentist several times he gives x-rays every time but says there’s nothing wrong, the tooth has dullness now and looks rather awful, and i now experience pain in the canine but on the right side also it’s very similar pain, but not as agonising. I’m fed up of my dentist I feel fobbed off constantly, I’m wondering if I should demand to be referred to hospital regarding it. I’d be really grateful for your opinion. Thank you.

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