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I had the 6 Month Braces but my teeth have moved back to their original positions, why has this happened?

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

I had six month braces on my teeth for about 7months and followed up with bonding on the top and retainer on the bottom. The teeth were beautiful — for about 3 months. The top teeth moved within the first few months; the bonding was removed and replaced with a retainer. I wore my retainers all of the time except while eating for the first one and a half years. The teeth have moved a lot and now I feel the top front are protruding and my bite has changed. I am very unhappy and concerned about this. I still wear the retainer and the retainers are now plastic; they crack frequently and the cost is $50.00 for each replacement, the last one only lasted about 3 weeks. This has been costly but more importantly, my teeth are still moving and not in a good way. I am 55 so I;m afraid that this option should never have been done on my teeth. I would like to hear your thoughts on these concerns. thank you.

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Will my teeth shift after brace work if I don’t wear retainers?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

 In my teens I had four teeth removed and wore standard braces (on the NHS)for around 2.5 yrs. The results were great. I was given a retainer to wear at night and I remember that although I was good at first it wasn’t long until I started forgetting and eventually it got lost. Now I am hearing people say that a retainer is for life. Certainly no one every old me that! Now I’m worried that my teeth have shifted. I keep studying them in the mirror. Maybe I’m being paranoid – I’m still complimented on my teeth – but after all the discomfort I went through with braces I don’t want to risk them going crooked again.

Please can you tell me if it is possible that my teeth have moved over the years and could move in the future? They are pretty straight so I think if they have moved it has not been by that much. But if it is a gradual thing I am wondering if it’s worth me getting a retainer made to protect against movement in the future (and maybe do a little correction if there’s room for improvement). I’d be interested to know how much I might have to pay if there’s only a little correction needed. I’m sorry for the 101 questions!

Many thanks in advance, 

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