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Am I likely to receive benefits for dental veneers?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Hi, ever since i can remember my teeth have been weak but since i had my children they have got incredibly worse, i have got to have an operation soon to have 7 of my back teeth removed and i am terrified of everything about it! especially the aftercare of my remaining teeth. I am only 22 and i feel discusting, I never smile and since suffering and constantly worrying about my appearance I have lost my confidence. I never thought my teeth could take over my life like they have, I just want to be able to concerntrate on being there for my kids. I am on benefits but don’t want to come across as a scrounge, I just want to know if i’ll be entitled to veneers or something similar if I asked my dentist.

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I have stained teeth and potentially periodontal disease, what can I do?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

hi, im a nineteen year old boy and im really unhappy with my smile it causes me too slip into depression because it dictates a lot of my life.
my mother never from a young imposed any sort of dental hygiene and through out my adolescents i continued oblivious to everything and for this i have suffered, i have a horrible smile and was wondering what you might suggest i do in this situation because its ruining my life and i just dont want to be disgusted when i smile in a mirror. help?
i have severe staining on my front upper teeth and i believe i suffer from periodontitis.
ever since my dentist told me about everything i have been on a very strict hygiene routine im doing everything i can to stop things getting worse but they still are i just need someone to offer me help, im sorry if this sounds dramatic but its getting to a desperate point where i breakdown and im worried it will make things worse i want to change and will do anything to make it happen, i will be eternally great full for help.
Many thanks 

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Is my new filling causing my bad breath?

Friday, June 24th, 2011


Ever since i had a filling at the back tooth of my mouth i have had consistent bad breath, even with extra strong mint products i still can taste the bad small in my mouth. have gone to 2 seperate dentists seeking help but have had no real success in resolving the issue, have asked the dentist who done the suspected filling to remove/investigate the filling but to no success as well. i do constantly now floss, wash many times a day as well as mouth wash my mouth but the problem has not gone away.

what can u suggest ido from this point onwards.

i have no real pain apart from get blisters inside my mouth from time to time.

Thank in advance

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I think stress is causing red and white spots in my mouth, what can I do?

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Hi Doctor 

white spots and red spots in the mouth

hi having lot of stress and some treament on my teeth but l noties in my mouth lot of white spots and red sports on lips got sores to and blister very painful and white patches all over mouth when go see a dentis cant have him doing any treament at all now ive got see a specialist why do ive got do that please help me find out why thank you for your time 

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I brush, floss and use mouthwash, so why are my gums still swollen?

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Hello Doctor, i am worrying about my gums they seem to be swolen in the mornings(inside my mouth Upper)but then go down after a while and can swell back up in the day but not all the time, i get a lump in the roof of my mouth when this occours my mouth also peels inside specially my cheeks, and currently i have soar gums but only around my top front 4 teeth and have noticed my gums beginning to receed very slightly, i have changed my tooth brush to a sensodyne soft one, i floss and use non alcaholic mouth wash, and i am now using corstadol mouth wash, any ideas whats going on, i have been back to my dentist and he said that there are no problems with any of my fillings or other teeth he has taken x-rays to check.Any ideal would be muchly appreciated thanks

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Is my change of mouthwash the reason behind my white tongue?

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I have a slightly loose lower molar which is not painful but affects the bite and seems to have abraded the edge of my tongue. My dentist recently performed de-scaling and deep cleaning and suggested leaving it for a few months in anticipation that healing would tighten it up again. He advised me to use corsodyl for 2 weeks, in addition to my usual brushing (oral b 9000, bicarb paste) and flossing (waterpik) regime.
A few days later, whilst on holiday in Wales, I was unable to obtain corsodyl so I tried listerine cool mint instead. This produced an uncomfortable burning sensation, followed by change of taste and an astringent-like sensation when tasting wine, fruits or cheeses, coupled with a dry-mouth feeling despite normal saliva flows. I stopped using the listerine after 2 days but the uncomfortable sensation remained. Two days later my tongue showed white spots, particularly adjacent to the loose molar and a local pharmacist diagnosed oral thrush. After 5 days of daktarin oral gel there was no significant improvement and so I visited a dentist, who confirmed thrush and prescribed Nistan. I have almost completed a 7-day course and although there has been some improvement I am still not symptom-free. I shall, of course, visit my own dentist or GP after this vacation, but is it likely that the loose molar is acting like an ill-fitting denture and initiating/prolonging the thrush? Am I not diabetic, have not taken antibiotics or any other medication and (as far as I know) am not immuno-suppressed, being generally in good health with fast-healing wounds. Thank you in anticipation of your kind advice.

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Numerous health issues have lead to the deterioration of my teeth, what can I do?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Hello, I am 20 and completely depressed about the state of my teeth, I feel embarassed, paranoid and have to cover my face to laugh as Im so embarassed. My career means I am always working with the public which makes everything harder. I can barely even eat theyre that bad.
I have very bad gum disease and the gum is receeding at the back of my front teeth, I have already lost most of my back teeth on each side and am in constant discomfort.
I try my hardest cleaning my teeth 3 times a day and used cordysl mouthwash to try n rid myself of gum disease, but as I am diabetic it seems to never heal.
I have also had stomach problems for over a year, which makes me vomit which aalso leads to my teeth weakening.
I know Ill be told I need dentures which I could not live with ,or I could pay for dental implants which I could never afford, I feel like my illnesses have caused all of the problems with my teeth. I have been on a liquid diet for weeks as I can no longer eat most solid food, this also compromises my diabetes. What advice do you have for me?

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What can fix my Grey teeth ?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Hello there Dr Riten,
I have two front teeth which have undergone root canal treatment about 8 years ago and they are now awfully discoloured and look hideous in my mouth. I want to no which is the best way to improve the look of these grey teeth? I look ten years older than i am so the question is ….Veneers or crowns? because i would like to improve the look of my mouth and feel better all round and have better oral hygiene There have been no pain or problems with it just wanted to improve the look of the smile. Seeing that they are my front teeth, i am considering porcelain veneers/crowns. Any advice is much appreciated. Also i was interested in the 6 month smile option ? 

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too scared to go to the dentist!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

hello there Dr andrew Moore i would like your professional opinion please , I have very bad tooth decay, every tooth on my upper gum has it literally only one has not got it and its starting to show early stages of tooth decay, but my bottom teeth are fine at the moment. i really need to see a dentist  urgently as I haven’t seen one for over 3 years now due to being scared , I have bad dental phobia , once I’ve been to the dentist what would they do to fix my teeth? and how much would this cost?
Would they give me implants, or false teeth, or just leave me without any teeth, and is it possible to take gas and air to put you to sleep whilst they do it all?

Thanks C

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Is the new Sensodyne repair and protect toothpaste safe to use?

Monday, April 18th, 2011

novamin used in the new sensodyn4e repair and protect ttoothpaste is it safe

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