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How Can I Close Up The Gap Between My Front Teeth?

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Hello! I am fifteen, and over the last half a year I’ve noticed a gap widening between my two front teeth. It is not too wide, but wide enough to be noticeable. I had this stupid way of drinking which involved me sucking drink through my front teeth. could this be the source of the gap? Also, to be honest with you my brushing routine is not as thorough as I’d like it to be. I know this is my fault and is something that I will work on. With the gap though, could this be a sign of something bad? If not, how can I stop the gap from widening? Sorry for the hassle!
Thank you.

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Are There Any Side Effects To Nitrous Oxide?

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

hi my name is i have been going to my dentist for 15 years when i get cavities done they have to put me to sleep and the sedation was not helping me to be put to sleep my parents didn’t want him to put more anaestheitc in me so they used laughing gas on me and they didn’t tell me I need to know if laughing gas is safe? i heard on the internet that it makes you act crazy and makes you do strange things i have never had laughing gas this is the first time that they used laughing gas on me and believe me i felt very strange and weird at the same time, are there severe side effects to laughing gas? i need advice my dentist works with aduts and chidlren with speical needs and its important to me for him to tell me before my procedure so that i can understand.

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What Can Be Done About My Daughter’s Fluorosis?

Monday, April 29th, 2013


I am a New Zealander living in Stockholm .Sweden.
We have an 11yr old daughter with fluorosis.She was exposed to too much fluoride around 5-8yrs old.
It is affecting her confidence and she is constantly being questioned about her yellow teeth. She has 2 large white spots on her front teeth.
At times the white spots are very prominent. The difference between her baby teeth and permanent teeth are extreme.We have been trying Mi Paste but have not seen any difference. We hope that this may help strengthen her teeth. Should we be using a fluoride toothpaste…if so, which one?. We are suffering with this and wonder what options we have . We realise that we probably have to wait until she is older…or does she? We would appreciate your thoughts regarding treatments.Is there anything that we can do now?
We are more than willing to visit your office.
A big thanks.

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How Frequently Should My Daughter’s Unerupted Tooth Be Pulled Down After Surgery?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Hi my daughter who is 10 years old has an issue with her teeth. After going to see a dentist, we discovered that the the case is basically that her central incisor maxillary never erupted. When I got told about ti I was quite worried but I was assured the correct treatment plan could be put into place. When they did x-rays it showed up as being really really high, they put an expander in her mouth but that did not help so she had a surgery for her unerupted central maxillary, her gum was open and they placed a brace on the tooth, closed the gum and attached with a chain to the braces wired. How frequently should the Orthodontics specialists pull the chain to bring to tooth down?


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Is there any way to replace my little girl’s lost tooth?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

My little girl is 22 months and she fell and hurt her front lower incisor about 4 months ago, it firmed up a little but now she has lost it completely as at her age I can’t stop her from putting things in her mouth. The dentist said it looks as though it has come out at the root, but that there isn’t anything that can be done cosmetically. I am distressed that she may have to wait until she is 7 with a gap at the front of her teeth. Is there anything that could be done or anyone you could recommend in the Solihull/Birmingham/West Mids area. I donât mind what it costs I woud just love to fix it for her somehow.

Many thanks

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