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What is the best treatment to treat relapsed teeth?

Friday, February 19th, 2010
I am 29 and have a gap in the front of my teeth as a result of relapse from orthodontic treatment nearly 15 years ago, and i’m looking to get it fixed, given that i paid privately, I’m reallly keen not to pay a serious amount of money to get this work done. THe Dentist has retired, my records hae gone as has the surgery. How much should i be paying for such treatment and which options may be suitable. (I had ceramic, but not keen for those again, nor train tracks. Any others would be ok, but more pricey. Would you be able to advise on my best options and advise a guidline of what is a typical cost for this. I still have a plastic clear retainer, but have not used it for 10 years, I am frightened of it breaking and tehn I will be back to square one.,

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