Can You Tell Me Your Opinion On LANAP Treatment Versus FMD Treatment?

I am 52 years of age and I am suffering with chronic periodontitis. I have been referred by my dentist to a dental specialist for treatment. The specialist Dr I have seen has offered me FMD as a treatment. This looks to me like a very painful procedure that I will have to undergo in two separate sittings. The pain of which I will suffer for more than 48 hours after each procedure. I understand this is the removal of all infected flesh to give healthy flesh a chance to heal and the deep cleaning of the roots of my teeth. From what I have read, I understand that the scar tissue that will be left to me will be equally susceptible to infection as the original tissue was. The dental specialists I have been referred to do not offer LANAP and I am wondering if LANAP is a better treatment for my periodontitis than FMD. From what I have read about LANAP it certainly sounds less painful and more so much more effective in the long term. Please tell me your opinion on FMD versus LANAP? Many thanks.

Hello. LANAP is not a tried and tested treatment (yet?). There is not enough scientific evidence to say whether or not long term it is a suitable treatment or not at this stage. The specialist is offering you what the dental research has proven that works. I would discuss it with the specialist periodontist. It may seem like a more comfortable treatment but will it really work ‘long term’?

Regards, Mark.

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