Can you recommend a dentist in London to help save my broken tooth?

The filling of my 7th down right which has had a canal therapy few years ago, has split in two vertically. I had a Rx at the hospital but they adviced the tooth to be extracted. No mention to post crowns at all.
I recently searched the internet as I have had an experience with a post crown on the 6th up left, and came across a website where I found a few articles (I am afraid in Italian) talking about very difficult situations, solved with gum surgery, bone reconstruction and post crown. I would like to know if you have ever come across to this kind of problems and if exist in London a good Dental Surgeon able to do this kind of job. If at the end the only solution is the implant, it will be welcome, but if I have the opportunity to save in any way my tooth than I would be happier.
Here are the links. [,,]

and very similar to my case according to this Italian dentist whom I had a email exchange []

Thank you very much for your interest and kindness to read this question.

A vertically fractured tooth should be removed. If this is left for too long the precious bone underneath can be lost and an implant can become more difficult to place
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