Can you help me choose the right brace?

My wife has a 7mm overbit and slightlyl produding two front teeth,she does not have large gaps or crooked teeth, she visited the local Orthodontic practice, paid £150 and was advised to have Ceramic Braces top and bottom for £3000, with two upper extractions(one an old Crown). Invisilgn was ruled out as less effective.She visited her Dentist to have the extraction and was advised they could fit a Brace (Inman Aligner??)top and bottom, no extraction but file the teeth giving an almost as good a result in 4 months, £2400, she did not have extractions as she needed to think.Neither practice provides the treatment the other does and neither mentioned a lingual Brace (ingognito?). We now do not know what to do. She is slightly worried about the conspiciousness of the Ceramic train tracks, particularly on the bottom,but if the Inman aligner is less effective then why not opt for Invisilign, alternatively is an Incognito Lingual brace going to cost more than the £3000 for ceramic train tracks, we may have to pay another £150 just to find out!! Any advice more than welcome.
Dear Enquirer,
Let me see if I can help you out here. With the information you have given, I will say that an orthodontist will give you the most comprehensive answer as an orthodontist is doubly qualified, first as a dentist and then they have taken specialist training in orthodontics to be able to correct misaligned teeth and jaws.
The Inman Aligner and Invisalign treatments are available for general dentists to be able to carry out simple teeth corrections and both have their limitations, whereas with fixed appliances ( that your orthodontist recommended)any type of tooth movement can be made with great precision, so you get a perfect result.
If your wife is suitable for fixed ceramic braces, then she is also probably suitable for Incognito braces, but your orthodontist may not carry out this treatment.
At my practice, we offer all the range of treatments, so if you would like, I can have a look at your wife and for an examination fee of £35, I would be able to point you in the right direction.
If you would like another professional opinion, do call Sparkle Dental Boutique on 0208 567 4344 and I would be happy to see you both.
I hope this helps.
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