Can you give me any advice about receiving implant treatment abroad?

coul you please advise me as to the best place to recieve full dental implants abroad ,i have several teeth that are broken at the gumline but have not had them extracted yet as i thought this would start bone loss of the jaw and would make treatment more difficult.i am in need of a full set of implants on both upper and lower jaw and unfortunately,am a extremely nervous patient so would require a general anesthetic while undergoing treatment , only have a budget of approx 10000 pounds so going overseas is my only option, ive been told instanbul and hungary are very good but would value youre opinion and advise on how to start this procedure .
£10,000 is a realistic budget for UK treatment depending on the specifications required. The general anaesthetic would need to be discussed, some forms of sedation might be safer and more effective.
Generally I would prefer my patients to be in the same country on a regular basis, during treatment and for aftercare and maintenance.
I have had to retreat some cases where repairing the work done in less regulated countries has cost significantly more than any UK centre, so I’m not a big fan.
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