Can You Give Me A Guideline For Implant Costs?


I have had a front tooth missing for about 12 years now, from an fall at university.

They tried to save it for me but it needed to be taken out, and ever since ive had a bridge with wings.

Over time the frequency of me needing to get my bridge re-cementing has increased.

I think its finally time to get an implant, but im totally blind to the costs.

I fear it could run into the £k’s having spoke to a dentist this morning as I understand you cant go through the NHS. I also need to pay £100 for the consultation. Is this normal ?

I would never have questioned it, but since I had laser eye surgery and understanding the price ranges/reductions/ haggling I was alarmed and I needed to………. I thought I best check with an expert for a guideline bracket.


As a guide an implant completed will cost in the region of £2000. If you need the bone rebuilding (which may be the case after trauma) this will add another £1000.We charge £90 for a full consultation.
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