Can you advise me on which cosmetic option would be more suitable for my problem?

Q. Hiya, wonder if you could advise me on the best course of treatment. I have a failing bridge involving UR3,2 and 1. UR3 needs an extraction. I have been advised to replace this with an implant onto which a cantilever bridge can fit to replace my missing UR2, with a single crown for ur1. I another clinic have recommended I have two implants in UR3 and 2, instead of the cantilever option, they dont like cantilever bridges and think the mechanics of them is too much pressure on one implant and are not gauranteed to last, I also have a heavy bite with some wearing on my bottom teeth and this makes me feel two implants may be better? but I realise the two options will look different cosmetically both clinics argue that their way will look better aesthetically, also I have a bridge involving the same teeth the other side of my mouth. I can see pros and cons to both treatment plans, please help!!!,
A. Hello, It sounds like you would be better off with 2 implants especially if you have a hard bite, the aesthetics should be similar.
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