Can the veneers be removed from the abutment to get impression made?

Q. Hi, 17 yrs ago I received a root canal, a post was inserted and a temporary crown was attached to my left front tooth. When replacing my crown I was told that apparently the post needed to be removed and replaced as it was 17 yrs old. But after removing the post it was evident that my tooth was cracked all the way up, so the dentist removed the tooth and built a resin cantilever bridge using my other front tooth as the abutment. As the colour of my tooth could not be matched a veneer was placed over the abutment. There were no impressions made of my teeth before this occurred, the ‘fake’ tooth was simply built. This worries me as I keep reading that impressions need to be made prior and a technician will make the permanent tooth. Is this true? if so can the veneer be removed from the abutment so that an impression can be made?


It is very difficult to give advice in this situation, because i am not completely understanding the circumstances. If it is a case of removing a veneer and replacing it, then this should be possible.

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