Can The NHS Replace My Missing Teeth with Implants?

Hi. I had my 3 front teeth smashed from my mouth in a violent assault. I am currently unemployed, will the NHS replace them with implants? Why they were removed still remains a mystery as the roots were all whole and secure just the fronts of the teeth were sheared off, so I need to know if I can have them replaced with implants before the bone starts to degenerate. They were removed a few years ago and I cannot stand to smile anymore as I had a gap for a few years but now my dentist sacrificed two other teeth to make a bridge. I can tell it won’t last longer than a year, two if I am lucky, they aren’t in very well and look like horse teeth with no attempt to match the teeth I have. It was a violent attack with a baseball bat that scarred me mentally as well as physically and now what the dentist has done as a professional care giver to me seems more like abuse. Please tell me if I can have them all replaced with implants on the NHS.
Hello, thank you for your question and I’m sorry to hear about your circumstances. You might be able to do this through the criminal injuries compensation board, have a look online and see if you are a good candidate for this compensation. You could also try for compensation from the attacker through a lawyer. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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